Tim Manning- The Journey of Life

Tim Manning was a prelate at Roman Catholic Church. He was born on 15 Nov 1909, and passed away on 23 Jun 1989. He became the Archbishop of LA in the year 1970, and continued at the position till 1985. In 1973, he was escalated to the cardinalate.

Early life
Tim Manning was born in Ballingeary village in Ireland. His parents were Cornelius and Margaret Manning. He attended the Mungret College, Limerick and attended a call for all priests. In the year 1928, he attended the Saint Patrick Seminary held in Menlo Park, California. He received holy orders on 16 Jun 1934, and he continued his studies in Rome at Pontificial Gregorian University, and got a doctorate in canon law.

Pope Pius XII appointed him as the Auxiliary Bishop of LA. Later, Bishop Joseph McGucken granted him the Episcopal Consecration. Tim Manning became the Bishop of Fresno in the year 1967. During that time, he supported the labor union of Central Valley workers and brought settlement between grape pickers and producers.

Archbishop of LA
On 26 May 1969, Tim Manning was elevated to the Los Angeles Coadjutor Archbishop and Capreae Titular Archbishop. He soon succeeded James McIntyre as the Archbishop of LA and adopted a gentle approach than his antecedent. As McIntyre’s tenure ended, there were tensions among minorities and the clergy, and as Tim Manning was appointed, his first action was to let everyone know that he was there to listen.
He created ministries for Hispanics and blacks, a presbyterium to allow greater participation from clergy, and an inter Parish church to allow non-clergy people to participate.

Tim Manning took part in the August and October conclaves that chose Pope John Paul I and John Paul II. He noted that the church had no political support at many places. He wanted a pope who could use warmth to change people’s hearts.

He received a papal envoy from John Paul II during the celebrations in the town of Drogheda in Ireland. The celebrations were being carried out for the third centenary of St Oliver’s martyrdom.

Tim Manning retired on 4 Jun 1985 as the Archbishop, and took up residence in South Pasadena at the Holy Family Parish. He died at the age of 79 at the Norris Cancer Hospital.

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