Tim Manning- The Cardinal of Roman Church

Born on November 15, 1909, Tim Manning was among the most prominent cardinals of the Roman Church. He was born to Margaret Cronin and Cornelius Manning. His earlier education was done in Mungret College in Limerick. He attended the St Patrick’s seminary in Menlo Park, California and then he joined the Pontificial Gregorian University in Rome.

His priesthood began in the year 1934 when he was ordained in the month of June. He was elected as the titular bishop of Lesvi, and then appointed as the auxiliary Archbishop of LA in 1946. He was consecrated by Joseph T McGucken in Los Angeles. At that time, Bishops Thomas Connolly, James Walsh and MM were the co consecrators.

Tim Manning became the Archdiocese vicar general on November 29, 1955. He then attended the Second Vatican Council for about 3 years, starting from 1962.
On October 16, 1967, he was named as the opening Bishop of Fresno. He offered support to the Central Valley farm workers labor union, and brought resolution between grape picker group and grape producer group.

Quite soon Tim Manning was escalated to the Los Angeles coadjutor Archbishop position along with the position of Capreae Titular Archbishop. He came after James McIntyre, and adopted a gentler style of administration. At the end of James McIntyre’s tenure, there were some tensions between minorities and the clergy, and Tim Manning made sure that he listened to everyone and helped them. He made special ministries for minorities like Hispanics and blacks. He also designed a council to help clergy participate in a more open way, along with another council to help non clergy people have their say.

When he became the Archbishop, many sisters at The Immaculate Heart of Mary left their religious life. They earlier had some disagreements with McIntyre. Tim Manning also supported the merger of all female Marymount College and all male Loyola University, to create the Loyola Marymount University. Before the actions of Tim Manning, all attempts to permit co-education in Archdiocese’s Catholic colleges were resisted by McIntyre.

Tim Manning retired as the Archbishop in 1985. Then he lived in South Pasadena. He died at the Norris Cancer Hospital when he was 79.

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