From Ordinary to Holy- The Life of Tim Manning

Tim Manning was an important character in the Roman Catholic Church. He was born in a small village in Ireland and went to the Mungret College. His priestly life began in 1928, as he attended a call for priests and then joined the Saint Patrick Seminary held in California. After a few years, he received his holy orders and he went to Rome, and continued his studies at the Pontificial Gregorian University. From there he got his doctorate degree in canon law.

His Bishop life started as he was named the Lesvi Titular Bishop and Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop. Tim Manning was later made the vicar general of Archdiocese. He then attended the Second Vatican Council for three years.
When Tim Manning was made the Bishop of Fresno, he provided his support to the labor unions and settled the unrest between grape pickers and producers.

He soon became the third Archbishop of LA, and did many reforms in his tenure, like making special ministries for the minorities, and extending the role of both clergy and laity. He also took steps in favor of co-education and formed the Loyola Marymount University by merging Loyola University for boys and Marymount College for girls. Before Tim Manning, all attempts of co-education were resisted by McIntyre.

Tim Manning guided young men about conscientious objection during the Vietnam War. He was strictly pro life and said that Catholics participating in abortion would be excommunicated from the church, counting the mother as well. He said that the life of the unborn child needs to be protected and there should be an amendment in the judiciary system to accommodate that.

Tim Manning participated in the cardinal elections, and elected Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II. He felt that the church did not have a political support, and thus they required a pope with a warm heart to change people.

Tim Manning retired in 1985, and spent the rest of his life in Holy Family Parish in South Pasadena. At the age of 79, he died at the University of Southern California, Norris Cancer Hospital. He is buried in East Los Angeles.

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